Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Gov't Regulated Citizen

My FCC regulated alarm clock goes off and I reluctantly roll off of my FTC and state gov't regulated mattress. I stumble to the bathroom and turn on the DOE regulated showerhead which is what really wakes me up. In the shower, I wash my hair with my FDA regulated shampoo which conveniently has a "Drug Facts" label on the back so I know what I am putting on my head. After the shower I get dressed and pickup my FCC regulated cellphone and head to my DOT regulated truck. On the way to work I stop and fill the truck up with DOE regulated gasoline, which I hope doesn't contain ethanol as I really like my truck. Next, I stop at the local diner and have some FDA regulated bacon and eggs. When I get to work my first task is to spend a couple of hours trying to figure out if we are properly following a particular OSHA safety requirement and then I review the Certified Payroll Reports required by the Davis Bacon Act before I spend some more time updating our labor burden calculator which is complicated by the fact that businesses are required to be tax collectors for the IRS. And that gets me to noon and lunch.

What follows will have to be presented in a subsequent blog, but this might be enough to make the point that government intrusion into our lives is extensive and generally in violation of the limited powers granted to the federal gov't by Article I of the US Constitution. Most of these have been allowed by the courts based on a VERY liberal interpretation of the commerce clause. Until we reverse this trend, we will continue to see our standard of living decrease and we will continue to struggle to compete in a global economy where the competition doesn't suffer from these burdensome regulatory requirements.

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